A last (snowy) blast

Winter was over.



It was almost May! Spring had sprung, flowers were out and I’d already started riding other bikes* who’d been neglected for months and months.

*Note: don’t get me wrong, I like to ride my fatty in the warmer months too but after 6 months of only riding one bike I was keen to get out on my other mounts.

But then one morning there was fresh snow (luckily we hadn’t managed to find time to sort the vegetable garden yet). It soon melted but then the next day there was more…..and then again. The temperatures were really low for the season and so I started to hatch a plan to head through the tunnel to Italy for one last snowy blast before the joyous fluffy white stuff was gone for good.

I’d been chatting with a fella in the valley who’d recently bought himself a nice carbon Canyon fatbike but we’d not managed to get out for a ride together all winter and so I gave him a shout and we arranged to meet the next day to go and have a play.

Morning came, I met up with Simon and as we reached the trail-head half way up Val Ferret we found a crap-load of snow (it’s a technical term used by experienced mountain folk) which boded well for conditions higher up.

Joining us on the ride was Kobe the Huskey who, as you can imagine, loves all things snowy and wild. The three of us set off to look for some late season adventure.

IMG_20160426_104402 - Copy - Copy

We were not disappointed!

The snow had a completely rideable crust which meant the the valley was our oyster in terms of line choice. Above about 1600m we encountered fresh snow and the valley was transformed into a blank canvas of unlimited opportunities for fun.

We meandered up, round and across the valley taking in little river trails, forest exploration and nice flat snowfield lines.

Eventually we reached a point where the valley starts to steepen and so we stopped, had a little snack and considered the descent whilst watching a massive stag watching us from high up on a ridge.

And so we started the descent…..

In a word – Sublime!!!

It was carving joy of the highest magnitude.

The fatbiking equivalent of getting the first lines on a fresh powder off piste day.

We swooped, carved and giggled our way back down through the forest, along the covered fireroad and through the rocks and I couldn’t help but think that I’d almost given up on getting any more snow this year.

The descent took significantly less time than the climb (funny that!) and in no time at all we were back in the valley bottom just as the sun popped out and the snow started to get all melty and slushy.

We popped for some tasty local pizza before heading back through the (Mont Blanc) tunnel with a great day of riding under our belt and the memories of just how good a late-season snowy day can be to tide us over until the snow arrives next winter.

What a day!!!


Author: Gairy

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