A snowy January ride up and around Rivington, UK

This was one of my Salsa Mukluk’s last rides in the snow before it makes room for my travers Race Fat 5″ Fat bike which is due in April (I hope).

The Mukluk is normally a 3.8″ wide tyre’d Fat Bike running on 80mm wide rims, on snow I’d run it with Surly Nate tyres, but last year I upgraded the front to a 100mm wide Surly Clown shoe rim but it wouldn’t fit the back of the Mukluk, so it’s stayed just 80mm wide.

Last week I bought a Surly Lou tyre ready for the new bike and a mate offered me good money for my old Nate tyres so I fitted the Lou onto the 80mm rims and it just about fitted into the rear of the frame but I couldn’t use the granny gear as the chain rubbed the 4.8″ tyre, so I rode it like I’ll be running the Race Fat as a 1 x 10 (well 1 x 9 but who’s counting).

So with a Surly 4.8″ Bud on the front and the Lou on the back I was ready to roll.

It was absolutely perfectly geared when paired up with these new tyres as they just gripped and rode everything without even the need for the granny gear.

Here’s some pictures from today:

Author: John Climber

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