About Fatbiking Europe

So…..who the hell are we and what do we want? Let’s have a nice Q&A to get to know each other…..


Q: What’s the point of Fatbiking Europe?

A: We love fatbikes and fatbiking. We also love the sense of community that fatbiking has enjoyed over the years. This magazine exists to champion the little guy, celebrate the artisan, promote the independent and in general help keep the friendly niche feel of fatbiking alive and thriving in the face of increased commercialisation and mainstream popularity.


Q: Why a Europe-wide fatbike magazine?

A: No-one is questioning the origins or heritage of fatbiking but we Europeans are (in our opinion) too reliant on the ‘big players’ over-the-pond for all things ‘fat’ when there is a massive array of home-grown talent in every area of fatbiking right on our doorstep and we want to bring together all of the frame builders, event planners, manufacturers, race organisers, clothing specialists and fat-obsessed lunatics from the far-flung corners of Europe so that we can all benefit and learn from each other to make our riding more fun.


Q: Why is the site in English?

A: The main site has been created in English because the guys creating it are English. The site has a simple translate facility which will instantaneously translate the site into your chosen language. As we expand we plan to publish all articles, reviews and news in the native language of the contributor as this will enable us all to feel equally valued and that our respective cultures and local communities are being represented.