Fat Viking race

Harder, longer, icy. What was supposed to be a 150km fatbike race turned out to be a 175km fatbike race!
The course had to be adjusted due to the (VERY) unusually mild winter. Okay, so the race just got longer? We kept the climbing, just in case!

Race day was cold enough to make the surface hard and fast, but the warm temperatures leading up to “Fat Viking” had transformed parts of the course to an icy highway. Geilo, the popular ski and cross country resort in the Norwegian highlands, hasn’t had so little snow in January as long as people can remember.

More than one participant spent a little fortune on screw studs because they didn’t own or bring studded tires.

I would never have expected such a variety of different nationalities on the first ever Fat Viking. It touches me. We seem to be a family and this could have been a family meeting.

Fatbikers are a special breed, and to put it in the words of Finnish racer Toni Lund: we are lucky that we can do these crazy things that are our passion.

The “creme de la creme” of European fatbike racers was lined up, joined by a selection of riders from overseas.

The course had a bit of everything. High altitude, steep climbs and downhills, forests, lakes and a variety of surfaces.

Adequately dangerous and adequately scary. Long and hard. Worthy for a Viking.

Nobody fell so hard that they couldn’t finish. Everybody who went out there made it to the finish line and everybody had a tale to tell. As founder, race director and racer myself this made me very happy.

Zbigniew from Poland came to the start with a broken derailleur and wanted to call it a day. He managed to fix his rig and set of 3h later than everybody else. He actually managed to overtake a lot of riders. That’s the spirit!

Ben from London and Jess from South Africa had never ridden on snow before. They were part of the ITI camp here in Geilo in the days before the race, that was all the practice they got.

Mikkel Soya Bølstad (the only true Norwegian on the long distance event) was on an assignment to cover both camp and race for the Norwegian “Terrengsykkel” magazine and had no intention to race. He got competitive though even with his camera equipment strapped to his Moonlander.

Rune Larsen from Denmark had ambitions to win, but one of the screw studs punctured his inner tube so he had to do some good old field repair rather early in the race. Rune came back strongly and finished third.

Toni Lund from Finland overshot the second checkpoint because he didn’t look at his GPS. It meant a long detour for him.

Andrew Mucklestone from England fell into the overflow on Ossjøen in Seterdalen and got half of his body soaked.

Tom Kolesnik from Canada was out for over 25h because he had fallen sick before the race. No wining. He finished.

Adam Erritzøe from Denmark won.

If my team of helpers and volunteers are on for it then I will do my very best to launch the Fat Viking 2018. We have learned heaps from this time around.

We are complete – everybody who started the 175km course has finished!

Overall results:
Adam Eritzøe (DENMARK) (11h25min)
Nina Gässler (GEILO but GERMAN)(11h30min)
Antti Sintonen (FINLAND) (13h04min)
Rune Larsen (DENMARK) (13h35min)
Mikkel Soya Bølstad (NORWAY) (14h24min)
Daniele Andriano (ITALY) (14h45min)
Jarmo Järvinen (FINLAND) + Stefan Chmel (SLOVAKIA) (15h44min)
Toni Lund (FINLAND) (16h17min)
Mirko Häcker (GERMANY) (16h29min)
Alejandro Garcia Wolfrum (SPAIN) (16h37min)
Zbigniew Wizner (POLAND) (16h59min)
Katharina Merchant (USA) (17h39min)
Jess Dicks (SOUTH AFRICA) (18h49min)
Constantijn Weber (NETHERLANDS), Andrew Mucklestone (GREAT BRITAIN), Antti Ollila (FINLAND), Ben Shanson (GREAT BRITAIN) (20h32min DREAM TEAM!)
Peter Felten (GERMANY) (22h36min)
Tom Kolesnik (CANADA) (25h30min)

1. Adam Eritzøe (11h25min)
2. Antti Sintonen (13h04min)
3. Rune Larsen (13h35min)
4. Mikkel Soya Bølstad (14h24min)
5 Daniele Andriano (14h45min)
6. Jarmo Järvinen + Stefan Chmel (15h44min)
8. Toni Lund (16h17min)
9. Mirko Haeckler (16h29min)
10. Alejandro Garcia Wolfrum (16h37min)
11. Zbigniew Wizner (16h59min)
12. Constantijn Weber, Andrew Mucklestone, Antti Ollila, Ben Shanson (20h32min DREAM TEAM!)
16. Peter Felten (22h36min)
17. Tom Kolesnik (25h30min)

1. Nina Gässler (11h30min)
2. Katharina Merchant (17h39min)
3. Jess Dicks (18h49min)

Results for 30km distance:
6 out of 6 finished!
1. Toril Horne (NORWAY)
2. May-Liss Johansen (NORWAY)
3. Lise Nicolaisen + Ingrid Tollerud (NORWAY)
1. Frank Dorn (NORWAY)
2. Erik Tollerud (NORWAY)

Results for 60km:
1. Hedwig Deleeuwdenbouter (NETHERLANDS)
1. Terje Skifte (NORWAY)
2. Tobias Bos (NETHERLANDS)
3. Even Hægland (NORWAY)
Benjamin Gallagher (USA) finished but cycled a little shorter
Charlie Eustace (GREAT BRITAIN) found his own route – first timer using a GPS :-)

Take a look at the Fat Viking website by clicking here.

Author: Nina Gaessler

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  1. If there is a 2018 event I would love to take part, looks like a great adventure!

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