Fatbiking in arctic Norway

Up in the arctic Norway and Tromsø we have around 100 active fatbikers. The town has many active bike clubs and an active biking enviroment.

The conditions, snow and weather makes Tromsø a popular destination for fatbiking in the awesome arctic light. The fatbikers uses the ski track and hiking trails around the Tromsø area.

There were some quarrels about biking on the ski track earlier but now the bike club have agreed to cycle when and where the skiers aren’t so that they don’t get disturbed says Svein Are Edøy (one of the many active fatbikers from Tromsø).

We have also made our own fatbike trail outside Tromsdalen where we live. When there is fresh snow we use snow shoes and pull car tires after us to make a perfect track.

In february our municipality use their prep machine to make a nice 30 km ski track from Tønsvika to Tromsdalen. We are very welcome to use this track says Torkild Mortensen (also one of the active fatbikers from Tromsø). He also recommended a dogsled track right outside Tromsø. (the area where the aurora fatbiking film was shot).

Here you can see the awesome mountains and surrounding areas.

You can see the aurora from September until end of March up here. The days are short so we use large lumen lamps to see the track says Svein Are. He also shows me his new battery warming system for the bicycle shoes. He uses click pedals so needs to use warm winter cycle shoes. Torkild uses mountain shoes and dont like to be stuck to the pedals when he fatbikes.

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Author: Orjan Bertelsen

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