Featured Rider – December 2017

This months Featured Rider is a little bit special, as we have interviewed a female rider for the first time.

We do think that it’s a shame that this should be a special event though. There must be more female fatbike riders out there! So, we want to hear from you and hope that this article will prompt you to come forward and make yourselves known. Did you know that our article (click here) written by female rider Fliss France was one of our most read articles of 2017! Where are you, ladies?

(Late edit: a special mention to Dani and Alexandra who joined us on yesterday’s Global Fatbike Day in the Peak District. Great to have you join us, ladies)

So, allow me to introduce our Featured Rider for December.

Name? Lisa Fullerton

Age? 33

Job? Full time mum to three sons age 10, 8 and 2

Bike? Salsa Bucksaw (alloy frame)

Is it factory standard or have you upgraded? If so, why the upgrade? I’ve upgraded the following: Nextie carbon rims, Surley Nate tyres, Hope hubs, Hope floating rotors, Hope tech 3 e4 brakes, Renthal carbon bars and stem, Xt m8000 11 speed drivetrain, Reverb dropper post, Cane creek double barrel inline shock, Wren forks, Hope headset, Raceface turbine cranks, Oval narrow wide chainring and Superstar pedals
All upgrades done to enhance my ride and keep up with my husband, ha ha.

What piece of kit do you never ride without? I always have my helmet. Safety first.

Tubes or tubeless? Tubeless.

If tubeless, do you have a top tip to share? Use your tubeless sealant to lubricate the rim bead rather than washing up liquid. It does the same job without contaminating your tubeless sealant.

How many other bikes do you have? I only have the one bike. It’s all I need. One bike that ticks all my boxes.

How long have you been Fatbiking? Only a short time; just 5 months. But it feels like longer and I wish I started years ago.

What got you into Fatbiking? My husband. He has had 5 fatbikes and currently has the carbon Salsa Bucksaw in red.

Why don’t we see more women on fatbikes? And what would you do to change this (assuming you’d want to)? I have not seen another woman on a fatbike in my area, yet so many woman on Facebook have commented to say they love my bike and would love to have one. I think many believe from first glance that they are really heavy and maybe unmanageable for ladies, but that’s definitely not the case. If I could, I would organise a ladies cycling event where fatbikes could be available for woman to trial. I think fatbike designs and colours could maybe be a bit more lady friendly; there are some very masculine designs out there. I’d hope that articles like this would also help more woman to go for fat!
(Editor: We hope that too Lisa)

What do you like most about Fatbiking? I love everything, I’ve taken my Bucksaw on sand, gravel, pebbles, mulch, slurpy mud, wet grass, dry grass, tarmac, over rocky roads, through water, basically everything apart from snow and I love the resilience. I feel that fatbikes have more stability and control, therefore raising my confidence. They are more forgiving if I have a wobble too!

And the inevitable follow-up; what do you like least? My least favourite thing is probably washing it after a trail, ha ha. That’s why my husband does it. He enjoys it though.

The best place you’ve ever ridden a Fatbike? And why? We went to Nairn in Scotland and I loved the beach there; the dunes were a good fitness challenge and the forest and nature trails made for some perfect biking. It was just us and the bikes and the photos we took were fantastic. I made good memories and I will certainly go back to visit again.

What advice would you give to someone wishing to buy their first fatbike? Go for something light; my first bike was a Specialised Fatboy and it was too long and too heavy. It was four times the work to ride it compared to what I have now. Also, if you’re a woman, I recommend you get the Selle Diva saddle for ultimate comfort. Don’t make the same mistake as me and do 40 miles on a regular saddle.

If money and time were no object, where would your number one Fatbiking destination be? Oh definitely somewhere with lots of snow. I see amazing photos on Facebook and Instagram where people are deep in it, and it looks so much fun. We are going searching for snow in the hills this winter, for sure.

Do you have any hobbies, outside Fatbiking? Yes I like boxing and training at the Elite Gym in my town, Arbroath; its something I think helps me with my biking and overall fitness and well-being.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself. Believe it or not I am registered blind; I ride my bike with limited vision in my left eye only. I was born with cataracts in both eyes and then I lost all sight in my right eye in 2008. I only ride my bike when I’m with my husband, as main roads and certain terrain can be tough, but I’m a positive person and I’ll give everything my best go. The sight I have is all I know, so I make the most of it.

Finally, and most importantly, what would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of a horse? My favourite animal on the planet is the monkey so let’s go with that. Now stop monkeying around and get yourself a fatty!

Would you like to be the first Featured Rider of 2018? If you would, get in touch!

Author: Damo

Bike rider. Ale drinker. Beard wearer.

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  1. Really good read. I enjoy these features.

    I’m also sending this to my wife to drop the hint for her to take up fat biking!

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    • Thanks Simon. Let us know if your wife takes the hint!

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    • Thanks. And, yes we do!

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  2. Thanks for an article showcasing women on bikes in a positive way. The bike industry as a whole could learn a lot from your approach. And kudos to Lisa for getting out and riding a great bike.

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    • That’s very kind of you to say Dani. It shouldn’t be the exception, rather than the norm but sadly, that isn’t the case. Hopefully, by highlighting more female riders, the tide will turn.

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  3. I’m 61 year old female and love my fatboy!

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    • That’s excellent. I think we might need a “Women of Fatbiking” feature. Do you fancy sending us some photos Lu Anne?

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