Featured Rider – November 2017

Name? Justin Kellett

Age? 36

Job? Purchasing Manager

Bike? Cube Nutrail

Is it factory standard or have you upgraded? If so, why the upgrade? The standard Cube is a great bike for the cost as you get big big bangs per buck, but it needed a few tweeks to make it more dialed. First was the brakes, I swapped out the Magura MT2 for some Sram Guide Rs. Next was the bars and stem; I went wider and the stem went shorter. One of the best investments was a set of winter tyres; I use Jumbo Jims 4.8 for the summer and Maxxis Minions for the winter (well, most of the year as it’s a slopfest ) – the Minions will get you up anything while the Jumbos are super fast.

We’ve heard your fatbike riding stats are amazing, tell us more. You could say I love the hills, I always have. There’s nothing like a big technical up and a big stonking downhill. My aim this year is to do 400,000ft of climbing in as few miles as I can. I’m currently on 348,000ft in 2580 miles; giving me a ratio of 134ft per mile. It would be nice to break the 500,000ft barrier one day.

Tubes or tubeless? Tubeless. I started off tubed but soon found myself getting rear snakebites; the front was always fine. So, I’ve converted to tubeless using the ghetto method of gorilla tape/stans fluid and stans valves; it was very easy on the Mulefut rims to get set up.

If tubeless, do you have a top tip to share? Gorilla tape is one of the best inventions ever made; it can fix anything from cut legs to dodgy bikes and of course, seal your rims. If you’ve a compressor it’s a whole lot easier too!

How many other bikes do you have? My other throw around is a carbon Cube Stereo 160, it’s a great bike for the really rough stuff. I’ve just come back from 5 days riding it in Sierra Nevada but in the back of my mind for 70% of it I was thinking: “the fatty would nail this”

How long have you been Fatbiking? I‘ve wanted one for about 3 years as I thought they just looked cool. I finally got one just under 2 years ago and my wife now has a on-one fatty!!

What got you into Fatbiking? Watching Ed Oxley. ‘The bearded legend’ has featured in a few videos I’ve seen; which got me thinking “I want to try that”

What’s the worst thing you’ve heard said about Fatbiking? I cant say I’ve ever heard anything bad about fattys; most people who I speak to are intrigued by them. Everybody wants one but are afraid to take the plunge.

What do you like most about Fatbiking? The way they defy physics. There’s no way a bike like mine should be able to do the things it does. It goes places other bikes just can’t go. It gets smashed to death several times a week and it just keeps on going.

And the inevitable follow up; what do you like least? Hard one this – they’re not race bikes and can be tricky to maneuver at times due to the size of the tyres, but all in all, fattys rock.

The best place you’ve ever ridden a Fatbike? And why? I would love to have taken it to Spain but for now the UK’s Peak district is probably the best. It has everything needed to make anyone grin; from muddy fields to car sized rocks. There’s some epic riding to be had around Ladybower Reservoir; lots of flowy single track and super techy climbs. And the views! Well, lets just say they don’t disappoint!

What advice would you give to someone wishing to buy their first fatbike? Join some fatty forums on social media, theres plenty of people with lots of user knowledge that can give you some opinions on things. Also, keep an eye out for any demo days local to you. A 2nd hand fatty is a good way of getting a better bike at a lower cost.

If money and time were no object, where would your number one Fatbiking destination be? I‘m into pushing the limits a little so it has to be mount Kilimanjaro! That would be truly epic – or some crazy adventure in Norway. Either way, it would defiantly involve my fatty.

Do you have any hobbies, outside Fatbiking? Like most blokes, it’s bikes and cars –  2 of the biggest money pits in life!

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself. I like to take part in charity rides and mtb challenges, all on the fatbike of course!! I recently came 9th in a charity road ride; the roadies didnt like a fatbike leading the pack (as I did on several occasions) and peoples reactions were priceless. Fatbikes are not slow with 30 psi in Jumbo Jims! At most events I hear the usual comments “he will struggle on that” or “I bet thats hard to ride” and I love proving them wrong. I’m known in our bike club as ‘8’ as in 88 (2 fat ladies), as a pal of mine also has a fatty and we sound like a Vulcan Bomber when we out and about.

Finally, and most importantly, which part of your body would you replace with an improved mechanical version? I would love to see in the dark and it would make winter riding a whole lot easier, so some bionic eyes would be awesome.


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Author: Damo

Bike rider. Ale drinker. Beard wearer.

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