First look: Singular ‘Rooster’ 29+

This bike is going to feature fairly heavily in the coming months as not only is it the latest long-term test bike at Fatbiking Europe but it’s also the 29+ bike of choice for both Alan and myself.

So…..what are the first impressions of it?

In a word: Lovely!

It’s a very well thought out machine with an eccentric bottom bracket meaning that not only is it geared and SS friendly but you can also play around with the chainstay length and bottom bracket height in order to get things feeling just as you’d like which is a nice feature.

After a first little outing the ride is responsive and it feels much more agile than it’s 29+ label would suggest.

The build below has been tweaked to suit my personal whims as it’s going to be my bikepacking stead of choice for the forseable future.

Built around the Rooster frame and (anything cage ready) forks with a nice pair of Hope/Hugo wheels it’s a solid and dependable beast. The rest is pretty much all Shimano (based around the new M8000 1 x 11 range) with Hope moving parts. Finally, I’ve transfered my own tried and tested pedals/bars/stem/saddle so the transition to the new bike is as smooth as possible.

I’m off to participate in the Bear Bones 200 ‘fun’ today (starts tomorrow) which will really tell me what I need to know about this bike (and myself!).

I think we can all agree that’s a little bit beautiful, no?

Ok, I’ve got to pack and head off to deepest Waleshire – wish me luck!

Author: Fatbiking Europe

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