First look – Surly Edna

First look – Surly Edna

Battle Prep

A few people asked me how the new Edna tyres were performing, after I posted some pics to Facebook, and Battle on the Beach seemed like a good test ground to write a “first look” review.

I can compare them to the Ground Controls I was running before, and Jumbo Jim’s which a couple of the other Sumo’s were running.

The famous fat sumo’s [L-R] Robin, me, Mike, Ashley

Against the Ground Controls they roll better; despite being a bit noisier on hard surfaces. The centre nobs are quite close and give a good running surface. The Ground Controls actually measure up an identical width to the Ednas, despite being 4.6″s. The Ednas measure exactly the stated 4.3″ on my 90mm rims. The side knobs are much bigger than the Ground Controls though, meaning that cornering is excellent.


For Battle on the Beach, the Ednas were great. They were fast down the beach and wide enough for straight line confidence through the soft sand, where it had been cut up by the skinnies and crossers. Point the bars and the bike went there. The Jumbo Jim riders had no advantage on me.

On the last lap in the rain, through the muddy singletrack; the Ednas were superb with plenty of traction and loads of grip on the corners. Evidenced by the fact I dropped the Jumbo Jim Sumo’s and had to wait for them at the finish!

These really are great tyres. With Edna, Surly have made a trail tyre which are as good for all round fatbike fun as Bud and Lou (which I’ve got on another fatbike) are for snow and gloop.

Author: Allan Knight

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