First look: Travers ‘Fat Race’

I have in my possession some genuine real life bike-porn in the form of the Travers ‘Fat Race’ titanium fatbike.

The first thing that hits you is just how damn beautiful it is!

Below you can see what I mean:

It will shortly be on the receiving end of a humdinger of a bike test as it’s my trusty steed for the Tuscany Trail race which is in two days time and should tell me everything I need to know (and hopefully nothing I don’t) about it.

A doozy of a challenge coming in at 600km of Italian bikepacking lumpiness (a whopping 11,000m of alt. gain) and greenery which I’m hoping to complete in under 4 days.

Today I fettled a little fitting my own saddle and grips (I’m not taking any chances on such a big trip) as well as taking it out for a spin to see what I’m getting myself into.

If there were any concerns that this bike was all form and no substance they were soon put to rest via a nice little tootle around the local woods – I am happy to report that it’s a bloody great ride!

The position is more upright than on my Mukluk (despite a much longer stem than I am used to) but although this feels unfamiliar to me now it should stand me in good stead for the grueling days in the saddle that are to come.


I’ll try and find some time to take it up above the snow-line before I give it back as I’m interested to see how the shorter ‘trail-friendly’ chainstay/wheelbase affects snowy handling and stability but we’ll have to see what time allows.

In the meantime, having sampled it’s wares, I am chomping at the bit have me a big-assed Tuscany adventure on this lovely titanium work of art.

I’ll be in touch…..

Author: Fatbiking Europe

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