Global Fatbike Day 2017

This year’s Global Fatbike Day is Saturday 2nd December. But you know that already, surely!
(Or should that be Surly? I can hear the groans from here!)

So this is just a little nudge, a poke, a chivvy along, an early reminder to get the date on your calendars and get a ride planned.

Be it on your own, in pairs, or groups (we think that large group events are best), just make sure you get out and ride your fatbike. And don’t let us put ideas in your heads, but why not have a light ale afterwards? Get amongst it and make new friends!

Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera, because part of the Global Fatbike Day celebration should include sharing your experiences with photos and video! Use the hashtag #GFBD2017 and post them up on our Facebook Page. We are looking forward to seeing them already.

In the run up to GFBD2017, we’d love to hear about what you have planned. Either comment below, comment on our FB page or drop us the details to and we’ll share them with the world (we’ll, Europe, but you get the idea)

Here are the ones we know about already:

GFBD in the Peak District

GFBD in Gloucestershire

GFBD En Yaute France

GFBD Des Flandres Bailleul, France

GFBD Hungary

GFBD Joensuu

GFBD Flanders

GFBD Finland

Author: Damo

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