Long-term: Nextie Carbon Rims

Right then, let’s not mess about – them there Nextie carbon fatbike rims…..they any good?

We’ve been riding these rims for a year now on our über-long-term test bike and we think we’ve got the measure of them.

They’re a great looking bit of kit and any way to remove rotating weight from such a big wheel has got to be good, right? But what are they like to ride?

Before we get going, let’s have a look at some vital stats from the folks at Nextie (click to enlarge):


They come in a 650g per rim for the 90mm version which is 210g lighter than Surlys 80mm ‘Rolling Darryl’ and they’re on a par with the other carbon fatbike rims on the market – so far so good!

But enough number-waffle, what has the real-world experience been living with these rims over a long and action-packed 12 months?

Well it’s taught me one thing for certain, there’s no easy way to write a review about a rim!

This review has taken a long time to compose due to the fact that the only reason you have anything to say about a rim in a review is if it fails to deliver in some way.

And the Nextie’s haven’t made a peep in a year of hard riding!

It doesn’t lend itself to an interesting review but it does tell us something positive about these rims.


Ride feel:

More so than with regular mountain bikes it’s been very difficult to discern the extent to which these rims have contributed to overall ride quality due to the massive impact on ride feel that fatbike tyres and air pressures have.

But let it be said that these wheels have felt neither too flexible nor too rigid and chattery but have consistently gone round and round in a way that makes us smile!

Build quality:

Now this is an area we can comment on with certainty as I’ve had these wheels apart and had a good look at them and the quality of these rims is exceptional.

With a few other rims I’ve noticed manufacturing corners that have been cut and detailing that is sadly lacking but not so with the Nextie rims – every aspect seems to have had the utmost care and attention given to it and the end result is a engineering piece of beauty.


You’re never going to choose carbon rims because you’re looking for a cheap pair of fatbike wheels and so no, they’re not cheap. But if you want cheap carbon it’s available on eBay shipped straight over from China with zero guarantee, quality control or customer service – “you pays your money and you takes your chance”!


We’d heard a few stories of rim failures with the first generation of Nextie rims but have heard nothing but good things of the newer Nextie’s.

These rims have been tested under some serious conditions without issue. They’re been ridden on tech singletrack fully loaded with bikepacking gear, over long distances in terrible conditions and even hammered down a few Alpine downhill runs (under the control of a large gentleman rider).

Any rim that can take the kind of abuse that these rims have endured without problem is worthy of a thumbs-up as far as we’re concerned!


So would we suggest that you invest in a pair? Absolutely.

They’re a great fit and forget piece of kit that massively reduces your rolling weight and looks cool as f*ck to boot!

If you’re looking to shed weight then this is a great place to do it and yes, you’ll pay for that privilege, but no one said that great performance, looks and quality craftsmanship were cheap.

Right, all this talk of bikes is making we me itch to get out, I’m off riding…..

Author: Fatbiking Europe

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