New kid on the block

Things have been hectic this summer at Fatbiking Europe HQ. There have been good times and bad, ups and downs but in the end the dust has settled and we think we’ve emerged stronger and a little wiser than before.

And so, it is with great pleasure that we can announce a shiny new team member in the form of one Alan Parsons.

Haling from deepest, darkest Waleshire but now residing in the Südtirol region of northern Italy (prime fat-country!) Alan is a bearded Pugsley aficionado who I first met Alan in May at the Tuscany Trail and I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to the team in his role as our Italian correspondent (very official sounding, no?).

He is currently out on manoeuvres on his single-speed Karate Monkey somewhere in the Italian hills but he’ll be along presently with news, stories and all kinds of other Italian goodies for your viewing pleasure.

As we expand our team we’ll be able to cover more ground, visit more places, report on more races, review more fat-gadgets and in every other way offer a bigger, fatter service.

Welcome aboard sir!



Author: Fatbiking Europe

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