New Stooge fatty!

We got in touch with Andy at Stooge to find out a little more about his new fat-prototype that currently in testing.

He said:

“I’ve just finished the build on the new Stooge fat and it’s looking great. I uhmmed and ahhed about entering the busy world of fatbikes and then decided to put my spin on it, the idea being to create a bike that as well as being good for the long haul will be an absolute blast for aggressive and technical trail riding”

The bike has a 68 degree head angle, 440mm chainstays and has used the old skool standards – 100mm bb and 170 rear end and is designed around a 4″ tyre.

Andy says:

“I get the point of 5″ rubber on frozen tundra and sand dunes, but this isn’t the kind of terrain i imagine this bike will ever be used in. In short, it’s taken the Stooge ethos of being a fun and highly capable rigid bike and then upped the tyre size to make it more so. A lot of fat bikes seem to be based around a more traditional XC geoemtry, the Stooge is taller at the front, slacker with shorter stays, hopefully it will rock”!

We think you’ll agree that it looks great! Neat lines and keeps all the features that Stooge are known for. Watch this space for more info when it’s available…..

Visit the Stooge website here.



Author: Fatbiking Europe

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