Salsa Bucksaw visits town…..

This evening i rode a Fatbike that is really impressive, and the first Fatbike i have ridden since the first generation Surly Pugs, Moonies, Salsa Mukluk, Beargrease, and 9Zero7 bikes that has really impressed,, Friend Mike stopped over Friday evening on route to a weekend in the Tweed Vally and brought his Salsa Bucksaw full suspension Fatbike, this is some machine to ride!

Salsa Bucksaw hits North Berwick! 002

We went a 2 hour ride and i looked for a hill to go try this bike.

We have one wee hill around here, and North Berwick Law was climbed and descended while i filmed and took some pics, then had a quick spin, oh yeah!, only a couple of minutes riding the bike but this bike i would love to ride on loose stone paths where it would be in its element.

This bike is not designed for the coast and salt water exposure with suspension seals and shocks, it is a mountain bike, and what a bike for grip!

Watching the bike descending on the film i made does not really show anything different to this Fatbike and any other regular full suss bike of normal 27.5 wheel/tyre size, but it is the control and grip of these wheels that is so impressive…

Happy days!, time to head home.

Salsa Bucksaw hits North Berwick! 015

Crack open the cider, fire up the Chimenea, and BBQ some food as darkness fell…

That is a real nice bike…

Salsa Bucksaw hits North Berwick! 020


Author: Bruce Mathieson

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