Review: SpōK Werks ‘Junk Trunk’

SpōK Werks is a cool little one man (and his wife) enterprise that makes really high quality bikepacking gear over in Switzerland.

I first met Michael (Cleveland) whilst riding the Tuscany Trail and then again at the Navad 1000 earlier this summer and I was immediately struck by his great (and very colourful) bikepacking luggage.

Here’s a selection of their gear:

As a taller rider (and long in the leg in proprtion to boot) I’ve often felt that the top tube was under-utilised for bikepacking storage and so was very keen to try out both the front and rear ‘Junk Trunk’s that Michael offers.

However, I am also less than experimental in the colour department and so opted for plain black pieces.

Here are my two ‘Trunks’:


Upon opening them the first thing that I noticed was how sturdy and well made they are. I’m sure that this means that, in theory, some weight could be lost for the weight weenies, but for me they are perfect.

I had a nice little fuel cell number (from which was light as anything but over the years couldn’t withstand the hardships of repeated bikepacking abuse. I’m not a racer and so I am looking forward to using the SpōK Werks gear for years to come.

In my communication with Michael I realise now that I never expressed any preference on the internal colouring for the bags and so I can’t really complain about his humorous utilisation of the pinkest fabric I’ve ever seen!


I’ve had a play around and fitted them to a bike and the fit is really nice. No play, no wobble and I’m already looking forward to my next bikepacking trip so that I can make the most of the new carrying capacity.

Below you can see the construction a little better:

ALl-in-all I’m already a big fan of this kit as it’s solid and very neatly made, much bigger than I was expecting which will allow me to carry more crap (ok, chocolate – don’t judge me!) and really make the most of a previously unused space on the bike.

Bring it on!

If you want to get yourself a fine set of customised bikepacking bag then give Michael a shout here (, you’ll not regret it.


Author: Gairy

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